Will the East Asian Tick Spread to the Arlington Area This Year?

east asian tickThe East Asian tick has made the news in the last few days because it is a new tick species that was identified as being in the United States this year. It was first identified last fall, but efforts were made to eradicate it. Unfortunately, scientists have determined that those efforts did not work, and the species has been established in New Jersey.

Why Are People Concerned About the East Asian Tick?

It is an extremely invasive species that originated in Asia. When it first spread to Australia it causes significant problems for farmers there. The ticks are often found around farms animals, but they can also be found on large animals like deer. The East Asian tick does carry the SFTS virus, which is a new virus that was first discovered in 2009. It has potential for serious complications and scientists worry about a potential outbreak.

How Does the East Asian Tick Spread?

The experts are not sure how the East Asian tick made its way to the United States. However, once it is in the United States, it moves from area to area by attaching itself to an animal that travels from one area to another. As the animals move out, the ticks will spread out across the country. It can also move on farm animals as they are shipped from state to state. With all of these factors, it is difficult to determine just when the East Asian tick will reach the Arlington area.

Are Other Ticks an Issue?

The experts have predicted a record tick season for the state of Virginia. The winter weather was especially conducive to ticks, which means that you need to be sure to take steps to protect yourself from ticks. One of the things that you can do is to be sure to wear insect repellent with DEET in it whenever you visit an area that is prone to ticks. You can also protect yourself by wearing long sleeves and pants. You add additional protection when you tuck your shirt into your pants and your pants into your socks. Another step that you can take to protect your family is to treat your yard for ticks.

What Do I Do If I Find a Tick on Me?

You will need to remove the tick right away by using tweezers. Ticks can spread a number of serious illnesses including Lyme disease and Rocky Mountain spotted fever. This is spread when the tick regurgitates after feeding. The sooner you remove the ticks the less likely you are to catch an illness.



Is the Deadly East Asian Tick in Virginia Beach?

Image courtesy of Acarologiste CC by-S.A. 4.0

The East Asian tick has established a foothold in the United States for the first time this year. This species of tick is native to Asia near China. However, it has spread to other countries including Australia. This is the first time that it has been found in the United States. The East Asian tick is an extremely invasive species and it is usually found in large numbers especially around farm animals. The ticks are currently only identified in the New Jersey area. However, no one is sure how quickly they will spread out and they may reach Virginia Beach eventually.

Why Is the East Asian Tick Considered Dangerous?

The East Asian tick is dangerous for a few reasons. The first is that the tick tends to be found in huge groups. There has been documentation that enough ticks attached to one cow that they actually killed it. The ticks can reproduce asexually and are difficult to eradicate. The other major concern is that they carry a number of serious illnesses, with the most serious being the SFTS virus, which has a mortality rate of about twelve percent. Since this is a virus, it is difficult to treat.

Are There Other Types of Ticks I Should Worry About?

You may be assuming that you do not need to worry about ticks this season, since the East Asian tick has not spread to Virginia Beach. However, the experts predict an extremely active tick season for Virginia this year. There are a number of different tick populations already well-established in the Virginia Beach area that can make you sick. Some tick-borne illnesses in the area are STARI, Rocky Mountain spotted fever and Lyme disease.

How Do I Identify the Different Types of Ticks?

Each tick looks slightly different from each other, but since ticks are so small you will need to have at least a magnifying glass. If you are bitten by a tick, you should carefully remove it with tweezers. If you are not sure what type of tick it is, you can keep the tick by putting it on a cotton ball with rubbing alcohol and then putting that into a zipper bag. This will kill the tick and you can take it to an agency that can you identify it or you can look for matching images online.

What Type of Insect Repellent Works Well on Ticks?

DEET has been proven to be the most effective insect repellent against ticks. DEET is safe to use on babies who are at least two months old. There are different levels of DEET in spray and you should choose a spray below 25 % for children. If you are traveling into an area that is heavily infested with ticks, you can use something stronger. You can also treat your yard for ticks, which can reduce the chances of being bitten.

What Are the Signs of SFTS?

east Asian tick
Image courtesy of Borislav Dopudja CC by-S.A. 3.0

There are have been reports that the East Asian tick has spread to the United States. This tick is one of the only known carriers of the deadly SFTS virus. This virus was first discovered in China in 2009. Each year there are more people that contract it. While there are no known cases of the virus in the United States, scientists are worried that it could spread now that the East Asian tick has established itself here.

What Are the Symptoms of the STFS Virus?

The SFTS virus starts out with a fever. The patient may also experience nausea and diarrhea. The virus can affect the liver making the enzyme levels off. It can also lower both the platelet and white blood cell count, which can make people more vulnerable to complications. Some people will suffer multiple organ failure as a result. The mortality rate is currently about twelve percent, but it was higher when the disease was first discovered. Early identification of the disease seems to increase the chances of survival. Treatment is focused on treating and managing the symptoms since it is a viral illness.

Is the STFS in the Manassas Area?

The STFS virus has not been identified in the United States. The East Asian tick has only been found in New Jersey at this point, but it is expected to spread across the United States as it is an extremely invasive species. Officials worry that the SRTS virus will be able to spread quickly once the East Asian tick is firmly established throughout the United States.

Should I Be Worried About Other Ticks?

Scientists have predicted a very active tick season in the Virginia area this year. This means that you should take care to protect yourself and your family from the ticks that are already in Virginia and that can make you sick by spreading tick-borne illnesses like Lyme disease. You should always wear insect repellent with DEET in it if you are going into an area that has a lot of ticks. You should check yourself, your family members and your pets for ticks regularly. You can give your pets a tick preventative. You can also treat your yard for ticks to decrease the chances of being bitten. If you do find a tick, you should remove it with tweezers and dispose of it properly. This will help reduce the chances of you contracting an illness and stop the tick from biting anyone else.

Have Signs of the Deadly East Asian Tick Been Found in the Raleigh Durham Area?

East Asian Tick
Image courtesy of John Tann via Flickr CC by 2.0

If you have listened to the news recently, you may have heard reports of the East Asian tick being found in the United States. This is a new species to the area, and it has been found in New Jersey. It is invasive and has not responded to efforts to eradicate it before it established itself.

Where Is the East Asian Tick in the United States?

Currently the tick is only in New Jersey in the United States. Experts are not sure how the tick made its way to the United States. It was first found by a new Jersey sheep farmer last fall. Currently, there are no known instances of the tick outside of New Jersey. However, this is considered a highly invasive species and eventually they will likely spread to other areas of the United States. It has proven to be a problem in Australia.

Why Is the East Asian Ticks Considered Deadly?

The East Asian tick is a known carrier of the STFS virus. At this time, this virus is only found in Asia. It begins as a fever with vomiting and diarrhea. It can affect the platelet count, white blood cell count and the level of liver enzymes in a patient. It can also lead to multiple organ failure. Since it is a virus, treatment focuses on managing systems. The mortality rate of the disease is twelve percent. The disease can be passed through bodily fluids too. It can also

What Are the Chances of This Coming to the United States?

The concern is that since the ticks have reached the United States, that if the virus makes it way over to the United States, that it will have the chance to easily spread throughout the United States. The virus was first discovered in 2009, and more and more cases are reported each year. No one is certain when or how the virus will make it to the United States, but it is a possibility.

Is There a Way to Prevent Tick Bites?

There are steps to take to prevent tick bites. There are a number of ticks already established in North Carolina that can spread serious illnesses like Lyme disease. The issues are even worse this year because a record tick season is expected. You can prevent tick bites in your yard by having it treated for ticks. Wearing insect repellent with DEET when you go into areas with ticks can also help.

Arlington Mosquito Control

Mosquito Control Arlington

Arlington mosquito controlArlington, Virginia is a thriving community located next to Washington, DC. This community has been designed with subdivisions located near different transit spots to help make commuting into D.C. easier. Many people who live in the area also work in the area. The current population of the area is 230,050.* Arlington is home to both the Arlington National Cemetery and the Pentagon. There are also a number of different companies with a large number of employers inside of Arlington itself.

Arlington has a humid subtropical climate with mild winters and hot humid summers. This weather makes it easy to enjoy the 1000 mile of bike trails in the city as well as the 156 parks in Arlington itself. The weather is also perfect to breed mosquitoes. If you find yourself spending time inside because of the mosquitoes in your yard, or you are tired of applying insect repellent every time you send your kids out to play, then you should treat your yard for mosquitoes. The experts at Mosquito Tek can provide a mosquito control treatment that can eliminate all mosquitoes on your property and prevent new ones from returning. We offer both organic and conventional treatment options. Contact Mosquito Tek to learn more today.

Eliminate Mosquitoes Where They Breed

Mosquito life cycleIf you truly want to eliminate mosquitoes, you need to do more than kill the adult mosquitoes. At Mosquito Tek, we take a two-step approach to mosquito control. We will apply a barrier spray that will eliminate the adult mosquitoes, and we will identify areas where mosquitoes breed and address and treat them. We will apply a larvicide that the larvae will eat and it will stop them from developing into adults. This larvicide does not affect other insects.

Conventional and Organic Mosquito Treatments

We understand that it is important to have choice when it comes to mosquito control treatments. At Mosquito Tek, we offer two options for our treatments. The conventional method has the strongest mosquito knockdown and is safe to use around your family. For this treatment, we use the Talstar products. The organic method is eco-friendly and is safe to use around organic gardens and it has no aquatic setback. For this treatment, we use Essentria products.

Added Bonus – Mosquito Tek Also Kills the Fleas and Ticks in Your Yard

At Mosquito Tek, we pride ourselves on giving our customers the absolute best value, which is why we include free flea and tick control treatments with every mosquito control treatment. Your pets can catch fleas while in your backyard, and bring them into your home. Ticks carry serious illnesses like Rocky Mountain spotted fever and Lyme disease. These treatments will prevent you and your pets from getting a tick while spending time in your own backyard.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

Satisfaction Guaranteed

We are focused on making sure that our customers receive the best possible customer service, which is we offer two different guarantees. The Satisfaction Guarantee states that you if you see a mosquito in the first forty-eight hours after treatment, that we will send out a technician to respray at no additional cost to you. The Money Back Guarantee states that you can receive your money back if you are not satisfied with the service you receive. We run a background check on each technician and extensively train them. Start enjoying mosquito free living. Call Mosquito Tek today to schedule your first mosquito control treatment.


Mosquito Prevention Tips

If you are worried about the mosquitoes around your yard, there are steps that you can do to help lower the number of mosquitoes that may be bothering you. While these steps can help, they will not completely eliminate the mosquitoes.

  • Keep your lawn trimmed: When your lawn is short, and your bushes trimmed back, it is easier for the ground to dry, which gives the mosquitoes fewer places to find harborage.
  • Address standing water: Mosquitoes can breed in just a capful of water. If you have spaces that collect water, you need to address the areas by draining them to stop mosquitoes from breeding on your property.
  • Change your lightbulbs: Mosquitoes are not attracted to light, but to the frequency that lightbulbs send out. If you switch to yellow bug lights or LED lights, you will not attract the mosquitoes.
  • Use insect repellent: Insect repellent is a sure way to stop the mosquitoes from biting you and your family. DEET has been found to be very effective against mosquito and tick bites.
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I could be outdoors without bug spray on any time, anywhere on my property. Before Mosquito Tek I couldn’t talk to someone on my front door for even one minute without getting bitten.

Frequently Asked Questions About Our Mosquito Control Services

Are these products safe for my family, pets and plants?

We use the safest products on the market. Our technicians are trained in proper application and these products are safer than what you can buy at the store. We do ask that you and your pets be inside during the treatment and allow 30 minutes for the organic treatment to dry and one hour for the conventional treatment. The treatments are safe for your plants.

What happens during each treatment?

During each treatment, our technician will complete an inspection, and identify possible breeding grounds. He will then address the breeding areas by applying a larvicide or emptying any containers that contain water. Finally, he will apply a barrier spray to the tree canopy, lawn and bushes to eliminate adult mosquitoes and to stop new ones from entering your yard.

How safe are the organic products?

The organic products are very safe. They are NOP compliant and are safe to use on or around your organic garden. They have no aquatic setback. They are a good option if you want to treat an outdoor eating are or you are a daycare center.

How do I know I am receiving the best value for my money?

We will beat any competitor’s written quote by ten percent, so that you know you are getting the best value possible. We also offer neighborhood discounts.

Do you offer one-time treatment options for a special event?

We offer special event treatments. We can help if you are planning a wedding, corporate event or even a backyard barbecue. When you are planning your event, just contact us. We will work with the venue, caterer and party planner to determine the best time to apply the treatment between twenty-four to forty-eight hours before your event starts. You will enjoy a pest free event.

3 Dangers of Fleas

flea-63043_640Fleas are such small insects that they are difficult to see. Many people do not think much about them other than thinking they are annoying and difficult to deal with. However, it is important to take the steps to protect you, your family and your pets with fleas. You can end up with a flea infestation even if you do not have any pets. There are three dangers that fleas can cause.

1. Fleas Can Make You Sick

One of the dangers is that fleas make people sick. They can cause a number of serious illness including tapeworms and the bubonic plague. Another illness they can spread to people is typhus. While fleas will not live on people, they can still spread the illnesses through their bites. The tapeworms are difficult to catch because you must ingest an infected flea to get them, but young children are more susceptible if there is an infestation in your home.

2. Fleas Can Make Pets Sick

Fleas can make pets sick in a number of different ways. Both dogs and cats can end up with catch scratch fever, as well as tapeworms. If the case of fleas is serious enough, it can make you your animal anemic, and listless. Hot spots can develop and turn into sores that will need serious medical attention. It is important to act quickly if you think your pet may have fleas.

3. Fleas Can Cause Allergic Reactions

While most people just have to deal with itchy flea bites, some people can have a more serious allergic reaction to a flea bite. If you have difficulty breathing or feel like your throat is beginning to close, you should seek medical attention right away. If the bumps swell or become extremely itchy, you can also check with a doctor to see if there is any medication that you can take to help with the itchiness.

Protect Yourself from Fleas

The best way to protect yourself from fleas and the hassle that they cause is to use preventive measures. One is to protect your pets by using a flea collar. Other options are drops that are applied to their back or an oral medication that they take once a month or quarterly. This will stop fleas from making a home on your pet. You can also treat your yard to prevent fleas. These treatments can also protect against mosquitoes and ticks and help protect your entire family from accidently bringing fleas into the home.

5 Reasons You Should be Talking about Ticks

dangers of ticksMany people never think about ticks. It is not a common that is commonly discussed. However, it is important to raise awareness about ticks and the dangers that they can cause to you and your family. Here are five reasons that you should be talking about ticks.

Ticks Carry Serious Illnesses

Likely the most well-known illness caused by ticks is Lyme disease. However, ticks can spread a number of serious illnesses including Rocky Mountain spotted fever, STARI, and Ehrlichiosis. Generally, these illnesses need to be treated with antibiotics and they can have long lasting effects if not treated soon enough. You can protect your family from these illnesses if you know how to safely prevent getting ticks.

Ticks and Old Wives’ Tales

Another reason to discuss ticks is because there are a number of old wives’ tales that talk about the different ways to remove ticks, but they are not actually safe to do. If you burn the tick with a match or rub gasoline or Vaseline on it, you may cause the tick to regurgitate into you, which increases the changes of you getting a tick-borne illness. Always remove the tick with tweezers by grasping it firmly and pulling straight back. Be sure that you do not leave any of the tick behind in your skin.

Ticks Can Make Your Pets Sick

Animals can become sick from the same diseases that plague people. They also need to be treated with antibiotics to help them recover from things like Lyme disease and Rocky Mountain spotted fever. The vet can test for these illnesses and prescribe medicine to help them. You should regularly check your pets for ticks and remove any that you find.

Ticks Can Cause Food Allergies

The Lone Star tick can cause some people to develop a severe allergy to meat, primarily red meat, although some people have also developed an allergy to chicken. This allergy will slowly worsen over time and first symptoms may be weeks or months after the initial tick bite. A doctor can test for this. The firs symptoms are feeling extremely sick a few hours after eating meat. It is easy to identify the adult female Lone Star tick because there is a dot on the back of the tick.

Ticks Can Be Prevented

There are things that you can do to prevent being bitten by a tick and to save you from the complications of these illnesses. The first is wear insect repellent when going to tick prone areas. You can also treat your yard for ticks. You should also check yourself after a camping trip or a hike. As you leave the woods, brush off your clothing to make sure you do not bring any ticks home with you.