Treating Fleas the Right Way


If your pets keeping getting fleas, you may need to change your treatment strategy so that you no longer have to deal with the hassle of getting fleas. You may have tackled it with a do-it-yourself strategy that involves over-the-counter treatments including flea shampoos and flea powders. It is not safe to continue to use the flea shampoos on your pets. If your pets keep getting fleas, you need to change your entire strategy.

Change How You Are Treating Your Pets

The first thing you should do is focus on a preventive flea treatment. This is vital if you have already used the flea shampoo as much as you are allowed and your pet has fleas. Flea collars may not be as effective, and it can be worth visiting your vet to get a prescription. This medication can help protect against ticks as well. You will also need to comb your pets to try to remove as many fleas as possible. If you have a dog with long hair, you may need to cut the fur short until you take care of the fleas for good.

Clean Thoroughly

Start by vacuuming all areas of your home thoroughly multiple times a day. The flea eggs will drop off your pets, and then the larvae live in your carpet. They will cause a second infestation and possibly a third. You need to remove all of these from your home. When you vacuum you will need to empty the vacuum immediately and take it outside to stop the fleas from escaping. You may want to have your rugs professionally cleaned as another precaution.

Do not forget to address your furniture, linens and your pet’s bedding. You will need to wash all the bedding in your home with hot water and dry on high heat to kill all the fleas that may be in them. When you strip the bedding off your bed, be sure to vacuum the mattress and your furniture. You may want to consider steam cleaning the furniture to make sure that there are no fleas living anywhere on it.

Change Your Treatment

The flea powders are effective at killing adult mosquitoes, but they do not address the eggs and pupae that may already be in your carpet. Calling a professional to treat your home for fleas can eliminate the fleas for good. A professional treatment will stop the fleas from continuing to be a problem in your home. This can give you and your pet the relief that you want and stop the nightmare once and for all.


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