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Mosquito Control Checkpoints

Spraying-a-yard-in-raleighWe all would like fewer mosquitoes. But there are many things that prevent effective mosquito control. A professional firm like Mosquito Tek will check the conditions below and be able to take appropriate actions. There are so many conditions that even a conscientious do-it-yourselfer will end up missing some.  (This list is also available from the AMCA (American Mosquito Control Association).

  • Tin cans, old tires, buckets, unused plastic swimming pools or other containers that collect and hold water.
  • Standing water under or around structures, or on flat roofs needs to be removed.
  • Water in birdbaths and wading pools is cleaned.
  • Puddles, ditches, old tree stumps and swampy areas are either removed, drained or filled.
  • Water around animal watering troughs is clean.
  • Trapped water in plastic or canvas tarps drain appropriately.
  • Backfilling and grading is properly done around construction areas to prevent drainage problems.
  • Lawns and gardens aren’t over-watered.
  • Municipal drainage problems (in ditches, for example) are reported to appropriate authorities.

As you can tell, there are a lot of conditions that may affect mosquito control on your yard.  Mosquito Tek is the best way to make sure that each of these conditions is properly addressed so that mosquitoes don’t become a pest on your property.

Ticks and Lyme Disease

gr-mar-dog-tickLyme disease is a bacterial infection that may develop after a bite from a Lyme-infected black-legged tick. The CDC estimates that more than 300,000 new cases of Lyme disease occur each year in the US but only a fraction of these cases are reported to public health officials.

Many areas of the country are at high risk for Lyme disease. Wooded or forested regions that provide suitable tick habitat are especially at risk and breaking these areas into smaller parcels increases that risk. This map depicts where black-legged ticks are commonly found.

People who live/work/recreate in Lyme-endemic areas or tick habitat may be exposed to disease carrying ticks in a variety of settings – campsites, parks, golf courses, sports fields, and their own back yards. Pet ownership is associated with an increased risk of Lyme disease. Age-related risk is greatest in school-aged kids and lowest in young adults.

Lyme infections can cause a significant illness for some, producing serious and chronic symptoms that result in substantial short- and long-term disabilities. Lyme disease is multi-staged but not every patient experiences each stage. A wide variety of symptoms are possible and symptom patterns differ from patient to patient. An individual’s symptoms may vary in intensity, come and go, disappear entirely or progress. These variations can make it difficult to recognize the infection.

  • Early Lyme disease – occurs within 2-30 days of a bite. In 70% of the cases reported to the CDC patients developed a rash at the site of the tick bite. Lyme disease rashes, commonly called EMs (short for the medical term “erythema migrans”) are usually oval-shaped and solid-colored. The classic “bull’s-eye” is seen in less than 20% of cases. Patients may also have fever, chills, muscle and joint pains, neck stiffness, headaches, fatigue and sore throat. When the EM rash is absent, these flu-like symptoms may be the only clue of the infection. Some patients are asymptomatic in early disease.
  • Late Lyme (or disseminated) disease – develops weeks to years after a bite. In this stage, the infection has spread beyond the skin to other body sites. Within weeks, multiple EM rashes, fatigue, muscle and joint pain, generalized pain, severe headaches and stiff necks (indicating meningitis), facial nerve palsy (weakness or paralysis of facial muscles), sleep and/or concentration difficulties may be seen. A small percentage of patients experience abnormalities in their heart rate.
  • Persistent (or chronic) Lyme disease – is marked by persistent, recurrent and/or the development of new symptoms of Lyme disease despite prior antibiotic therapy for the infection.

You can find out more information about Lyme disease and how ticks spread it to dogs and humans by clicking here.

The above facts are pretty scary, especially if you live in one of the areas indicated by the map above, or  if you own a pet which means you are at greater risk of contracting Lyme disease than the rest of the population.

Let Mosquito Tek is make sure that your yard is free of this pest!

Busted DIY Myths for Mosquito Control

If you love DIY solutions, then we will save you some work by listing some DIY ideas for mosquito control which have been busted (they DON’T work).

  • BUSTED: Citronella plants: studies in the EU failed validate citronella plants as an effective mosquito repellent. In fact, the EU has banned the use of citronella oil as an insecticide.
  • BUSTED: Garlic: University of Connecticut Health Centre carried out a study to determine if eating garlic is a legitimate natural mosquito repellent.
  • BUSTED: Lemon Scented Detergent: laying out bowls and plates of lemon scented detergent actually attracts mosquitoes to your home.
  • BUSTED: Mouth wash (makes you smell good, but you still get bitten)
  • BUSTED: Citronella candles: A study carried out by the University of Guelph investigated the success of using citronella as a natural mosquito repellent. There was a slight decrease in the number of bites, but nothing close to 100% reduction.

You may have a DIY solution that for mosquitoes, but chances are not good that it will actually work.

Our recommendation? Use  Mosquito Tek to provide professional pest removal services. They use only effective pest control solutions.

The Solution: Mosquito Tek

One of the concerns homeowners express frequently regarding pest control is the possible use of harmful chemicals. Mosquito Tek realizes that this is a concern and have a solution for you:

Solution1: Mosquito Tek Organic Compliant Mosquito Barrier Spray

This mosquito control solution is all-natural, eco-friendly with excellent knockdown and residual performance. Mosquito Tek’s Organic Mosquito Spray eliminates adult mosquitoes and keeps them gone for up to 14 days. Guaranteed.

Note:  National Organics Program (NOP) compliant and safe for use in and around outdoor dining areas and organic gardens.

Solution 2: Mosquito Tek 21-Day Conventional Mosquito Barrier Spray

Our mosquito control products display complete mosquito control with the best residual performance. Our conventional mosquito barrier spray fights mosquitoes for up to 21 days. Guaranteed. The low concentration of active ingredient required and the outstanding residual performance make this mosquito control product in our 21-day barrier spray one of the safest and best options for complete Adult Mosquito Control.

Mosquito Tek also specializes in flea and tick control, which is provided as a complimentary service to customers that order mosquito spray services.

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